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About HOMESPUN True Tales of Tweed

TWEEDS have stories to tell - of toil and privilege, of imagination and sheer will, of fortunes made and empires lost. This cloth of distinction is steeped in tradition yet adopted by each generation as its own, ever modern and new. It’s been hand loomed for village tailors and grand couture houses. It’s been fashioned into garments for beggars and kings. Here are those stories from the men and women, the designers and artisans, whose inescapable destinies have been intertwined with tweed. From the haunting landscapes of Scotland to the dynamic prefectures of Japan, from the soundstages of Hollywood to the footlights of Broadway, from the cobblestone streets of London to the towering skyscrapers of New York City, it’s a journey into the distant past, a look into the future, and the road to coming back home.

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Images (from Top) - Handbag by Catherine Aitken; Coat by Magee1866; Suit by Dashing Tweeds; Ralph Auriemma,  Guy Hills and Kirsty McDougall of Dashing Tweeds

All images copyright and courtesy of those brands


Founded in 2014 by Thane Boulton, this New York literary imprint house is dedicated to publishing exceptional works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Thane & Prose titles are made available in finely crafted hardcover editions as well as in audio and digital formats across popular sites including Amazon and iTunes. Its previous acclaimed titles include celebrated American poet Lucas Hunt’s deeply personal and introspective “Iowa” and “Hamptons”, and The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University professor Dr. Mario Garcia's “The Story” trilogy, which details insights on being a steward of news, and how production, management, harnessing the latest technology, and decisions paths must accommodate today's shifting reader habits and needs.

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