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Reviews for Homespun 

“Homespun is not just a story about the historic importance of tweed (...) this delightful, engaging, and clever book shows how tweed transcends political and cultural divides to reveal how we view style as an extension and an expression of our individual and collective identity” – Steven M. Gillon, Historian and Author of the New York Times bestseller “America's Reluctant Prince: The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr.”

“A very engaging must-read for those who are interested in the history of modern fashion and how one fabric has withstood the test of time” – John Bartlett, CFDA award-winning designer and fashion director at Marist College

“In a world of mass-produced fabrics of heightened performance but an absence of soul, tweed stands apart. (This) inspired and well-researched book weaves real-life narratives of past and present personalities to uncover the human element that imbues tweed with not only history and social significance but a larger sense of importance in our modern world. This book will truly change the way you look at tweed.” – Sandra Nygaard, Brand content strategist and former Fashion Director at Men's Health magazine

“(This book) weaves together the threads of tweed’s history, manufacturing process, and its use in the fashion, interior design, and movie industries into an educational story that is as captivating and colorful as tweed itself” – Stefan Steil, principal Steilish Interiors & Architecture

“Homespun is a meticulously researched and brilliantly woven account about a time-honored textile (that) delves deep into both the fabric’s rich history and the fascinating and often touching personal stories of those who create, employ or proudly wear tweed today” – Christopher Blomquist, U.S. Contributor for Sportswear International, and Adjunct Professor of Fashion Journalism at Parsons School of Design, The New School

"This nonfiction work will captivate you with the fascinating history of tweed, looking at its use across cultures and time. You’ll get a glimpse at fashion powerhouses’ relationships with the material (think Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Joseph Abboud). Throughout, you’ll journey to the cobblestone streets of London, sound stages of Hollywood, the prefectures of Japan. Hold on to your herringbone hat." - Perri O. Blumberg, Men's Journal

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Images (from Top): Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons; Suit by Cordings; designer Alan Flusser; interior designer Peter Sandel, original illustration by Bill Rancitelli

All images copyrighted and courtesy of those specific brands

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